14 Days North Plateau in Bamyan

14 Days North Plateau in Bamyan

Day, 01 Arrival and briefing.

You may have time to visit Sakhi Shrine (Blue Mosque) and view point Bibi Mehro Hill,

Day, 02 Fly To Bamyan

You will fly between Kabul and Bamyan, the capital of the Hazarajat - home of the Hazaras and one of the most peaceful places in Afghanistan. When we arrive in Bamyan we will have time to look at the hillsides containing many caves in which monasteries and Buddhist carvings were once situated.

Days 3-12

You will spend 10 days Trekking in, an area of striking natural beauty. The mountains and valleys are dotted with ruins from Afghanistan’s past as well as friendly Hazara villages. It is one of the few places in Afghanistan where we can walk freely and safely in a rural environment.

The Lapis Lazuli blue waters of Band-e-Amir are often the highlight of any trip to Afghanistan. Legend has it that the dams that separate the 5 lakes were made by Ali, the prophet Mohamed’s cousin and son in law. However, geologists insist they are natural dams made from mineral deposits. The lakes contrast to the stark landscape surrounding them only adds to the beauty of this area.

Day 12 Bamyan

We will also visit the natural landscape of Dragon Valley; see the ruins of Shah e Zohak (Red Fort) and the remains of Shah e Golghola (The City of Screams).

Day 13 Bamian – Kabul

We will fly back to Kabul, taking the opportunity to visit places such as the the sobering OMAR landmine museum, Shah-e Doh Shamshira mosque, and a view of the Bala Hissar.

Day 14 End

We will then ensure that you are taken to the airport to catch your flight back Home