Wakhan Corridoor Itinerary Silk Road

Wakhan Corridoor Itinerary Silk Road

Day 1, Khorog to Ishkashim-Qazida village (Arrival and Permits)

Arrival at the border town of Ishkishim. Usually the border opens at 8:00 AM. It usually takes half a day to process the permit. Once done with the process, we will have time for the final preparation and make sure we have everything well arranged. Have lunch at the Marco Polo Hotel, named after the famous Italian world traveler as one day he has walked through this region. In the afternoon we continue to explore towards Qazida village. Usually it takes an hour to reach Qazida, but we can often stop to see or picture more on the road. Have a day tour around Qazida to see the Qaqa fort close by and you will have time to explore the local environment and understand some of the Wakhi culture through the people in the area.

Overnight: At Qazida village, Amrudin G.H.
Altitude: 2600m


Day 2 Qazida village-Khandud – Qala-e-Panja

Journey continues for a four hours drive from Qazida village towards Khandud district. We will have lunch at a local restaurant in Khandud and do some more paper work, passport and visa check at the district office out there, have some site seeing around the bazaar and visit the Ras Mulk, an ancient fort in Khandud. Then you continue towards Qala-e-Panja for another hour drive being able to see the Afghanistan’s highest peak 7492m Nushakh on the way.

Overnight: At Qala-e-Panja, Ehsamudin G.H.
Altitude: 2800m


Day 3  Qala-e-Panja – Sargaz Village – Kurat village

The journey will continue for another 2 hours drive through a narrow road to Sargaz village. The Journey’s highlight is a beautiful natural waterfall called Shah Yopak in Wakhiwar language. On the way we will also visit a natural warm mineral spring where people wash their hands and face as a holy water. Lunch at Sayed Ebrahim local restaurant in Sargaz. Then the road will continue to Kurat village where we can visit Kohe Safid (the White Mountain) the second highest mountain of Afghanistan 6000m.

Overnight: At Kurat, Khyal Beg G.H.
Altitude: 3100m


Day,  Kurat to Sarhad-e-Brughel

We make our way to the furthest point that we can by vehicle from Kurat to Sarhad-e-Brughel through a three hours drive. Have lunch at Zarik or Quchbig G.H. and have an afternoon full visit of Sarhad-e-Brughel as it is a huge area consisting many villages. At Sarhad e Broghil the road ends, the Paamirs begin and any further journey must be made on foot or by horse. We will have further preparation to make ourselves ready for a long trek.

Overnight: At Sarhad-e-Brughel, Zarik G.H.
Altitude: 3200m

Day 5 Sarhad-e-Broghil to Baharak

We are ready to hit the narrow road by foot. The first day would be a bit difficult to trek since we are still not used to walk up the passes and differ our way from the Panj river. We will continues up the Daliz Pass like 4200 meters aiming to reach Baharak after almost a seven hours of trek.

Overnight: At Baharak (Camping)

Altitude: 3400


Day 6 , Baharak – Shawar - Langar

The journey continues up to Wakhan trough small Pamirs for another almost seven hours. We and horses pull ourselves up. Hope to see cattle and livestock on the way to borrow some milk for lunch in Shawar. Serious Qazaqs and their watching dogs care about the animals to keep strangers away from them. We may have the chance to ask a Wakhi guy play a love flute for us.

Overnight: At Langar (Camping)

Altitude: 3550


Day 7 Friday, Langar towards Palas Parshich-Buzai Gunbad

Hoping to reach the first Kirghiz camp at Buzai Gunbad in the evening after like eight hours trek, we will be up earlier today to reach to Palas Parshich after four hours for lunch. The scenery changes during this day of walking from the steep sided valley of the Wakhan to the wide-open plains of the Afghan Pamir. The trekking continues to the largest of the Kirghiz settlements at Buzai Gunbad. There is a chance to see the Kyrgyz way of life.

Overnight: At Buzai Gunbad (camping)
Altitude: 3850m

Day 8 Saturday, Buzai Gunbad – Chaqmaqtin Lake
Date: Aug. 8th, 2020

The last and the shortest trek will be from Buzai Gunbad to Chaqmaqtin lake where nomads graze their livestock and an important water sours for Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and even Turkmenistan that produce the electricity and sells back to Afghanistan. It will be our stop for the journey. Will have lunch, rest in the afternoon, mix with Kirghiz people and dig deeper about their way of life.

Overnight: At Chaqmaqtin lake
Altitude: 4000m 

Day 9 Sunday, Chaqmaqtin Lake – Kurchin

We will have a high six hour rout hike from the Lake to Kurchin. You will appreciate your strong legs for the god job today. But you will have a great time seeing the excellent panoramas of Pamir on the way to Kurchin.

Overnight: At Kurchin (Camping)
Altitude: 4150m


Day 10 Monday, Kurchin – Aqbelis Pass – Ghurumde

You don’t have to rush today. After two and half hours hiking you will be able reach the peak of the Aqbelis Pass with an amazing view from the lake. Hope to get to Ghurumde in the early afternoon.

Overnight: Ghurumde (Camping)
Altitude: 4280m


Day 11 Tuesday, Ghurumde – Uween Sar Pass – Nawabad

Certainly the crossing of the Uween Sar Pass is the highest point reached on the trip. An early start should see you cross the pass around noon. From then on it is downhill to the small camp of Nawabad.

Overnight: Nawabad (Camping)
Altitude: 4300m

Day 12 Wednesday, Nawabad to Shawar

Possibly the toughest day of the trip. Certainly the crossing of the Uween Sar Pass (4850 metres) is the highest point reached on the trip. An early start should see the group cross the pass around noon. From then on it is downhill to the small camp of Nauabad.

Overnight: Shawar (Camping)
Altitude: 4200m


Day 13, Shawr – Daliz Pass – Sarhad e Broghil – Qala e Panja

Another four hours hike and visit with Daliz pass before we reach to Sarhad-e-Brughil. Your vehicles will be waiting to take you back to Eshkashim. And you will continue the road to Qala-e-Panja for another four hours.

Overnight: Qala-e-Panja, Ehsamudin G.H.
Altitude: 2800m

Day ,  Qala-e-Panja – Ishkashim (goodbye)

Will try to drop you on time to cross the Ishkashim back to Tajikistan. The last point we will say goodbye to you.



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Included in the trip: (All inclusive)

-   All accommodations.

-   English speaking local guide.

-   Transportations.

-   Meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner).

-   Drinks (water and soft drinks).

-   All pick-ups and drops.


Not included:

- Permits at the border.

- Visas and tips.



Comfort, location, character and historical interest is considered and it will be based on you having a private room.



As your comfort and enjoyment of the journey is the first priority, we choose our vehicles and drivers based on local acceptance, road conditions and the length