(Silk Road Afghanistan) Tours provides first-rate services with integrity, sensitivity and professionalism. Silk Road Tours was established in February 2010 as the country’s first full-service travel agency and tour operator.  At Silk Road Tours, we strive to promote Afghanistan as a valued and accessible tourist destination, with the vision of reviving the cultural and economic importance of Afghanistan on the historic Silk Route.  Today, Silk Road Tours is one of the most active inbound tour operators in Afghanistan for domestic and international visitors. What makes us unique in the area of travel and tourism in Afghanistan is that:
  • We are a team of professionals who have worked in the travel industry for many years. All of us are very enthusiastic and strive to offer a progressive and up-to-date vision of travel so our clients can experience the best and most interesting tours of Afghanistan.
  • We are a client-oriented company.We offer specially-designed tours that are sure to cater to all client requirements. A wide range of tours are available at competitive prices so clients can enjoy Afghanistan’s fascinating tourist destinations, ranging from mountains and lakes to historic monuments.
  • We are a company that learns and innovates. As the company is focused on customizing tours, we are flexible and creative in our planning. Depending on the time of year and customer preferences, we will provide clients with innovative suggestions for activities that can range from cultural experiences to pure adventure.
  • We coordinate and partner with other service providers throughout the country.We enjoy special rates from the best hotels and transportation companies in Afghanistan. We can offer clients accommodation—across the country—spanning from budget hostels to 5-star deluxe hotels, and transportation options from road to air travel.
  • We can manage group tours.Whether our clients are coordinating a trip for themselves or a group of 10 or 20 people, we can customize our services to suit their needs. Plus, we can guarantee to find them the best possible group rates.