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Silk Road Tours was established in February 2010 as the country’s first full-service travel agency and tour operator.  At Silk Road Tours, we strive to promote Afghanistan as a valued and accessible tourist destination, with the vision of reviving the cultural and economic importance of Afghanistan on the historic Silk RouteToday, Silk Road Tours is one of the most active inbound tour operators in Afghanistan for domestic and international visitors.

We are a team of professionals who have worked in the travel industry for many years. All of us are very enthusiastic and strive to offer a progressive and up-to-date vision of travel so our clients can experience the best and most interesting tours of Afghanistan.
 We are a client-oriented company. We offer specially-designed tours that are sure to cater to all client requirements. A wide range of tours are available at competitive prices so clients can enjoy Afghanistan’s fascinating tourist destinations, ranging from mountains and lakes to historic monuments.

Experience the best and most interesting tours of Afghanistan.

Pioneers in Afghanistan

We are succesfully operating since 2010!


We give priority to your safety while visiting Afghanistan!

Personalized, accommodating customer service

We can work 100% based on your preferences!

We speak English

We can smoothly communicate in English!

Competitive Rates/ Best value for your money

We guarantee to find the best possible rates!

Honest & Personal Customer Service

We want your total satisfaction and best reviews for future potential clients.


Gull Hussian- Founder & Owner

I was born in 1981 in Kabul, Afghanistan. I’ve experienced horrible periods of invasions and civil war since my childhood. I’ve witnessed genocides to suicides, executions to murders and massacres, assassinations to terrors, poverty to scarcity and from homelessness to landlessness. These tragedies my hopes and optimism far behind. These catastrophes have affected my personal and professional life and like millions of my fellow Afghans, I was deprived of my basic human rights since my life began.   Despite these dilemmas, I overcame many of the challenges and moved forward to enjoy from what I have. I finished my high school and I learned English language and computer skills during the 6 years when I was refugee in Pakistan, I was waving carpet during the whole day and very late of the evening I had a chance to attend in school and language center,     

In 2002 my professional career started when I joined Global Risk Strategy in Bamyan as Guest House manager, then In 2004, UNOPS. My assignment with UNOPS provided me with great opportunity to work in the Parliamentary Election of Afghanistan.  In 2016 I joined Aga Khan Foundation as I admin Officer after a few years In 2009 I moved to First Tourism project in Bamyan, responsible for Tourist Information Center, working for tourism Project created chances to travel two times India and one time to Nepal as exposure Visit, I had big achievements learnt how to develop Tourism , through private sectors, 

In late 2010, my friends and I established our own Travel Tour Company, and my first Tourism project was Skiing in Bamyan -Afghanastan 2011, very famous event (Afghan Ski Challenge) Skiing has provided Opportunity to visit St Moritz- Switzerland ,  Later on I started activities to other Provinces of Afghanistan, Organizing different Tour around Afghanistan; in 2015 for the first time I am going to organize the First International Marathon in Bamyan –Afghanistan -The Marathon of Afghanistan. 

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